Fishing statistics

Want to know the best months to fish around Noosa; or the best months to catch particular species? You're at the right place, as long as you're a member of our Facebook Group (the links below will only work for members).

Over the years we've systematically published and recorded our kayak fishing trip results and by mid 2017 were in a good position to start compiling some statistics from this recorded information. These statistics are initially published as posts on our Facebook Group, available only to members of Noosa Yakkers who are also members of the Facebook Group. For veteran yak fishers and beginners alike it's fascinating information. Thanks to every contributor to our Trip Reports blog (pre-Facebook) and to all members who have posted their Trip Reports on our Facebook Group for without this information, going back to 2007, we would not be able to provide these statistics.

Annual summaries:

Summary for calendar year 2017

Comparison of fishing results 2016 with 2017

Spanish mackerel:


sunshiner's personal results over ten years

sunshiner's year by year results over ten years showing variations between years

Noosa Yakkers' TR over ten years indicating most likely months for snapper

Longtail tuna:

11+ years of longtail tuna statistics


When are they caught?

Capture methods

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