jaro, sunshiner, whalebait, eyetag, maverick, happy Noosa Yakkers, May 2010.
Back in 2006 a few Noosa locals started to fish offshore from their kayaks regularly, and started to get results. But mainly they had fun, fishing together, enjoying the camaraderie, adventure and challenge. Within a year the circle of kayak fishers had expanded and the founders decided to use emerging technology in a bid to assist communication within the group. Right from the start we decided to keep it simple: no formalities, no property, no money and no idiots.

Noosa Yakkers is the result. All members are keen kayak fishers and many of them live in the Noosa area, but quite a few live and fish much further away. Some fish regularly but others only three or four times a year. Sometimes we have ten or a dozen members fishing together, but often it's only one or two. It's a community that gets together for a beer once a month but much more often through email, Facebook, this blog and on the water.

We hope you enjoy the content of this blog and our public Facebook Page and if you're so inclined, no matter where you live, feel free to approach us to join up but be warned, we're kayak fishers. Membership is free.

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