On Facebook

Noosa Yakkers has both a public Facebook page and a closed Facebook Group.

Public Page. The public Facebook Page is an introduction to Noosa Yakkers and is designed to allow visitors to view some of our best kayak fishing photos and videos. It also allows visitors to easily access our membership process and to send Facebook messages to us and even to post items (subject to moderation). Click here to visit our public Page.

Facebook Group. This is action central for Noosa Yakkers, where members share kayak fishing information including fishing trip details. It's closed, which means it's fully accessible only to Noosa Yakkers' members (people who have been accepted into Noosa Yakkers using our normal membership processes; click or tap here to apply to join). The Facebook Group is accessed here.

Even among the regular membership not everyone is a Facebook user, which is also essential to access our Facebook Group page. However we're encouraging all to take this small step, as we have found that our Facebook Group facility provides unmatched internal communication benefits. To demonstrate some of the benefits we've created this small movie. If you're not familiar with Facebook you may find it useful in explaining some of the features available in a Group.

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