Local reference marks (GPS)

Note that the indicated reef locations on the map are approximate. Use of the provided coordinates will guide you to the locations. The best launch location is Middle Groyne, with Doggie Beach being viable less often, due to sea and swell conditions. Please read the "Middle Groyne etiquette" page (linked from the sidebar) before launching at Middle Groyne for the first time.

If your GPS is connected to your browser viewing device you may find it easier to establish the necessary waypoints by copying and pasting from the following.

Little Halls Reef 26° 21.341'S;153° 5.026'E

Halls Reef 26° 20.250'S; 153° 5.110'E

Jew Shoal 26° 21.640'S; 153° 6.890'E

A-Bay Reef 26° 23.273'S; 153° 7.850'E

Doggie Beach Reef 26° 24.022'S; 153° 7.929'E

Middle Groyne 26° 23.017'S; 153° 5.205'E

Doggie Beach 26° 23.977'S; 153° 6.852'E

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