Weather explained

This page, with its embedded videos, aims to help you judge whether your proposed offshore kayak fishing trip is safe as far as weather is concerned at least.

The first brief video (45 secs) sets the scene…

This video (4:10) uses Google maps with spoken commentary to detail Noosa's main topographic features, launch points and fishing locations, and the weather impacts.

The third (4:58) uses spoken commentary and to explain one way of making accurate judgements as to the swell height and direction and the wind strength and direction in the Noosa area. Both of these factors are prominent in safe offshore kayak fishing.

And here's a quick look at MetEye, a great resource to check the upcoming weather in detail:

Just to show you how you can get caught out at Middle Groyne, coming back in:

A link to a TR which contains some interesting weather observations: Weather TR

Kev Long
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Unknown said...

Thanks Kev

I had no idea that Jew Shoal was so exposed.....much clearer now thanks to your Google shot and explanation.

Are fish ever caught in the lee of the Noosa Headland? I remember surfing there decades ago and occasionally seeing some big fish in close to the board riders' area at Tea tree and Granite Bay area.

Kev Long said...

Yep, pelagics chase bait in that area sometimes and even snapper and sweetlip are possible close in to the rocks