Kayak Fishing Manual for iPhone, iPad and Mac

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Kayak Fishing Manual

The book and its free sample are usable on iPhones (iOS 8.4 or later) Macs (Mavericks OS or later) and iPad (iOS 5 or later). This is because the iBooks App is the only platform I found which offered a relatively straightforward publishing path for digital books which contain movies and interactive images, which this book does, having over 200 quality still images and 12 movies (119 landscape pages, 29,000 words). There are no signs yet that this new book format will be available on any other platforms so I had to make a choice: an excellent book that worked really well on one very popular platform, or a huge variety of different formats none of which held a candle to this multi touch book and which were still not usable on multi platforms.

A link to the book's iBook Store page is above. Note that a free sample (with movie and interactive images) is available. Once downloaded, either or both sample (18mb) and book (145mb) are stored in iBooks on your device. If you buy the book, and I update it, you are eligible for free updates. Likewise, if you update your device, you retain the right to transfer the book to the new device at no cost.

No Mac, iPad or iPhone, but would like to see the sample? Let me know and I'll send you a ten page PDF free sample (only 2.5mb) which is viewable on any computer, but lacks the movies and interactive image features of the iPad version.

Another link, in case the one above doesn't work, for any reason

The inclusion of this page in the Noosa Yakkers blog has been authorised by the committee. In late November 2012, Kev Long successfully published a digital book (Kayak Fishing Manual) and made it available for worldwide distribution on Apple's iBookstores. The book contains many images, video included, of Noosa Yakkers members and their activities and also publicises and links to Noosa Yakkers blog. Accordingly, the committee considered inclusion of this page in our blog to be reasonable, even though revenue from sales of the book belong to Kev's publishing entity.

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