Noosa Yakkers News, August 2013

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Base pic: Sunshiner. DeeCee and stormin discuss launch tactics, Doggie Beach, 31Aug13.


sunshinerHi there yakkers

This week last year Noosa Yakkers recorded its first Spaniard for the 2012-13 season when baptism trolled a beautiful specimen up (and his first, I think) while pedalling between Middle Groyne and Halls Reef. And in September last year kahuna established our current longtail tuna record at 128cm, taken near Little Halls Reef.

So it's time to get your gear ready for the bruising encounters with the pelagics. Typically, as the air and water temperatures increase we start seeing more and more sign of the fish which keep us awake at night. Feeding frenzies with one or all participants being spotty macs, mac tuna, Spaniards, sharks, yellowfin tuna and longtail tuna start happening. Make sure your gear is up to scratch, and my recommendation is to add wire to your rig when trolling. There are some tough records to knock off and undoubtedly some PBs coming up, but you have to be out there to get ’em.

On Saturday 14th September DaveyG is passing on his in-depth knowledge on kayak surf skills exclusively to Noosa Yakkers. I want to take this opportunity to publicly pass on our collective thanks to Dave for organizing and conducting this event, which will certainly contribute to making safer what can be a dangerous part of our chosen pastime. Thanks, Dave; we appreciate it.

And one other thing, check out bomber's first article for Noosa Yakkers News published below. It's great to have a new contributor available, so thanks bomber. If any of you have contributions to make Noosa Yakkers News is your chance to have them published. Just let me know of ideas you might have and I'll put you on the right path.

Take care but have fun. Don't forget that it's always OK to walk away from a launch that you are not confident about; come back another day when the seas are more benign.


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Hello Yakkers,

Finally after some three months of poor weather, the fishing gods smiled upon us allowing 17 trips to be recorded from diverse locations including Teewah, DIP, Halls Reef, Jew Shoal, Sunshine and Victor Bailey reefs and Lake MacDonald.

With whales migrating and dolphins at play off Doggie Beach, our catches during the month included Snapper, Grassies, Yellowtail, Tusk fish, Tailor and Bass. Photo below courtesy of Doctor Dog.

 photo DolphinsandDiveboat_zpsae1f9e87.jpg

But the big news was Sunshiner's big jewfish caught at none other than Jew Shoal, and as such captures my photo of the month. Well done Kev!

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This was certainly the standout catch of the month. The jewie was taken on a small soft plastic and will no doubt set a new challenge for the records and future contenders.

Well that's about it folks, until next month...


membership banner, Gemini
Another month has come and gone, winter has abandoned ship, and spring is left at the tiller to bring us back to warmer ports. As the warmer weather improves the fishing conditions, we should see a few membership enquiries trickle in (and a few nice fishing reports too). Oh, and it's open bass season again… did I mention that?

Just a quick reminder about our mailing system changes. To reply to the original sender of the email, hit "Reply". To reply to the whole group, hit "Reply All". This change should allow us to reduce the traffic between members, and keep your inbox largely spam free.

Memberships this month have been slow again, but we do have one new addition which takes our numbers up to 92. Let's see who we have…

Wendy Robertson

WendyWendy has actually been active with the Noosa Yakkers for some time, but has always been happy to share her adventures through the reports of partner Peter ("Pedro", one of our committee members). No more of this back seat stuff for Wendy though, as she takes to the waves in her Prowler to show Pedro how it's done. We're expecting some of Pedro's records to be shattered Wendy, so don't disappoint us! :)


Matt (Gemini)

BomberCheck out this new stuff
by bomber

Hi Yakkers

Sunshiner asked me to write a quick blurb on a couple of inclusions he noticed on my yak he thought might interest other Noosa Yakkers.

I have an Emotion Grand Slam Angler and I have found that the centre hatch is all but useless on it. It's very shallow for a start and the compartment is part of the entire hull so anything that moves around while in there is all but impossible to retrieve. I'm not sure how the rest of you feel but I like to have easy access to all my equipment when I am fishing.

After doing a bit of research I was able to find a special dry bag at Anaconda. The bag retails for $79 although Anaconda always have a sale on something so you might find it cheaper. I have found the bag to be extremely good and the built in screw-lid hatch is easy to access and so the contents remain completely dry. I have deliberately tested this recently in the Doggie Beach shorey ;-).

I chose to attach four saddles I got for $1.99 each from Whitworths so that I can secure the bag in front of me. The bag has four straps attached with clips as shown in the picture below.

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Also Sunshiner was interested in the Hobie horizontal rod holders I installed. I am sure many of you have already seen them but here they are for those who haven't. These are only 20 bucks each from Sunstate Hobie in either Brisbane or Kawana and are gold for those that don’t have a way of storing your rods while going through the surf zone. You can leave the reels attached if you wish but I prefer to rig up once out so the reels don't get drenched.

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Rod tip protector.

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Rear clip

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Full view.

Hope you found this useful.


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Hi Noosa Yakkers

There have been three changes to the Noosa Yakkers Records this month.

 photo LazybuggerBonito_zps565ccc7f.jpeg
First was Lazy Bugger's Australian Bonito at 51 cm from Doggie Beach Reef on the 14th.

 photo ScadFinny_zps21685562.jpeg
This was closely followed at the same location on that very day by Bomber with his Finny Scad (filling a vacancy on the list) at 50 cm.

 photo Jewiedetail_zps72244223.jpg
Sunshiner found his mojo at Jew Shoal on August 21 with his Mulloway at 116 cm. This also filled a vacancy on the list.

Want to check the list? Just click here.

Keep the records coming guys,

Good luck and tight lines

Doctor Dog

The Committee (in callsign order)

DaveyGdoctor dogeyetagGeminijaro jimbo

pedro sunshiner turtleboy

From top left, daveyG, doctor dog, eyetag, gemini, jaro, jimbo, pedro, sunshiner, turtleboy.

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