Wheeleez Kayak Trolley

by Jaro

We were much younger (actually not that much younger) when we started kayak fishing and even then what we dreaded most and felt tired us out the most (probably because we were already tired from all the paddling) was the carting of our kayaks back up the sandy beach to our cars. The wheels of the trolleys we used then were narrow and hard which resulted in the wheels digging into the sand making the haul up (and even down) the beach very onerous and tiring and especially so as the slope increased.

We found the answer in the Wheeleez kayak trolley. This unique trolley is equipped with larger and wider low pressure balloon wheels which roll over anything with ease. They flatten and roll over rather than dig into the sand. A group of us purchased these and were amazed at how much easier it was to haul the kayaks over the sand. We all agreed it was money well spent and that all serious kayakers should consider purchasing one.

Here are some photos and some of the details:

Attached to kayak

Note the wheels are held in place on the axle by toggle pins by default and not as shown here with a lock which I have put on to prevent the wheels from being stolen as they are the most expensive part of the trolley.

Payload capacity is 80 kg. It weighs 5.4 kg.

It has 2 detachable 30 cm polyurethane balloon wheels.
It has a heavy duty collapsible aluminium frame which is marine grade and anodised after fabrication.
The remaining hardware is made with stainless steel.
It has soft foam bumpers to protect your kayak.
It has a double kickstand for easy loading.
And it comes with 2 cam buckle tie-down straps (4 m)

I have been in contact with the company (Beachwheels) that we purchased them from previously and they have agreed to supply them at the same discount price as before but it is only available to Noosa Yakkers members and orders must be done through me to get that price.

Normally they are $299.00. The discount price is $217.00 plus freight. The freight to Noosa is $26.66 singly or $19.00 each if more than five are sent at once. I would be prepared to have them sent to me for distribution. For those that live in Brisbane the freight is cheaper, singly at around $19 to $20.

All those interested please contact me by email.


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